On the road again

I was pretty lucky. Besides not having any injuries, my car was repairable and although it took a while to fix, I was out of town for a week and did not have to rent a car during that time.



Just over three weeks ago, I was hit by a salt truck and knocked off the freeway.  I was fortunately uninjured but my car was not driveable and I had to get a rental car while it was being repaired, a process which took extra time due to the holidays.  I have a high deductible and no rental car coverage so this incident has not been cheap.  That being said, I was pretty lucky.  Besides not having any injuries, my car was repairable and although it took a while to fix, I was out of town for a week and did not have to rent a car during that time.  Also, the body shop had some parts in stock and seems to have done a good job (as far as I can tell, at least).  They were also very nice to me.  Despite a slightly inconvenient schedule, which I think was unavoidable given the time of year, I would recommend Dependable Collision if asked.

Geico has also been nice enough although they were not able to get me a tow truck when I needed one.  Apparently, everyone in town was busy that night, which is understandable, I suppose, but makes me wonder why anyone asks their insurance company to send a tow truck instead of just calling one themselves.  I actually didn’t do that either.  The State Trooper got a tow truck for me (after a bit of miscommunication) and the extremely nice driver from Budget Towing not only drove me home but climbed up onto the truck bed and rooted through my messy car for the stuff I needed, including a laundry basket and various unlabeled bags.  “Do you see one with some bottles in it?  I think it’s black.”  Was one unhelpful request I made.  I also forgot a few things (see this post about unfinished Christmas sweaters) but he did what he could.


Anyway, I still had to go to work and because there is no public transportation which goes anywhere near my place of employment, I had to rent a car.  This did mean I got to sleep in a bit, since Enterprise wasn’t open as early as I usually leave.  They did give me the Geico rate although I had to pay it myself and I didn’t feel like I should be springing for a fancy upgrade so I ended up in a Nissan Ventra, which is apparently one step up from “economy”.


I managed to drive it for 12 days without sliding off the road or anything, so I shall call it a success.  The Florida license plate did invite some comments in this Michigan winter.

I have contacted the County Road Commission a few times now but other than sending me a form to fill out, I have not heard back.  There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that their vehicle was at fault, so I am hoping to recover my deductible and rental car cost from them.  Unfortunately, it is not looking good so far; I will have to keep pressing forward.  Ugh, I hate confrontation.

Geico is not helping with this issue because apparently, as Michigan is a No Fault state, they don’t get involved with “mini torts”.  I don’t even know what that means but apparently I’m on my own.  Even when the people are nice and as helpful as they are allowed to be, insurance is the worst!

Tell me what you think . . .

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