I am a creative person who has trouble coming up with ideas.  I like to start with patterns or tutorials then change things as I go.  I cook the same way!

I knit, sew, spin, can, crochet, and create various crafts as the mood strikes me.

I believe in putting two spaces after a period; perhaps because I learned to type on a typewriter.  This makes me sound old but it was the early nineties and although computers were definitely a thing then, there weren’t enough to go around and we traded on and off.  Anyway, I am pretty sure that two spaces was the rule back then.  As a society, we had not really adjusted to the kerning computers were capable of.  I know it theoretically should be “of which computers were capable” but even though I generally feel strongly about proper grammar, I feel even more strongly about not sounding like a pompous windbag refusing to end sentences with prepositions no matter how awkward that makes them.  Speaking of grammar, I also believe in the Oxford comma.  If you don’t know what that means, it won’t bother you when I use it.  If you do know, please be aware that I get why you might not want to put a comma there but I do – it is less ambiguous.  I have a general distaste for linguistic ambiguity, which is kind of surprising given that it is what got me through years of English classes where I did not read the material on time as well as Statistics.

As much as I think about grammar, I did not actually take more than two English classes in college.  I studied Interdisciplinary Engineering at the University of Michigan where I also learned just enough French to make me pronounce things in a pretentious manner.

Currently, I am the Quality Manager at a contract manufacturer (we make circuit boards and things they go into) and stay busy all day long.  I do a lot of paperwork and manage the quality inspectors as well as respond to customer complaints.  I conduct much of the on-site training including Electrostatic Discharge Control and IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies).

You would think this might mean I could use a soldering iron – nope!  I am not allowed to use one on anything that will go to a customer.  I am, however, qualified to tell other people when they have done it wrong.  (Do as I say, not as I do: words to live by.)