First blog post

I am just trying to figure out how blogging works, as I have never done it before.


I suppose this will be a knitting blog, or perhaps a craft blog in general.  I like to make things with yarn, fabric, paper, you name it.  Theoretically, I plan to learn to solder at some point as well.

I will start now with pictures of a scarf I made for an office Secret Santa.  I decided to chart her initials and make an illusion knit scarf.  Once side is white on purple, the other is purple on white (well, off-white).  I also added fringe for the first time.  I think it turned out okay.

I would like to include more than one photo because illusion knitting is cool and magical but even though I chose “gallery” as the post format, I only see the option to set a featured photo.  Well, hopefully I will figure this out eventually.


Okay, I decided to just try pasting the second image inline with the text.  Hopefully that will work.

Also, yes, those are my feet, I am standing on the bed and that is my knee in the main picture because I am wearing a skirt and seasonal knee socks.  I don’t apologize for my whimsical sense of style!